How do I fix my GE microwave control panel?

How long does it take for a GE Profile refrigerator to get cold?

about 24 hours

How long do you have to wait before putting food in a new refrigerator?

2 hours

Where are the condenser coils on a GE Profile refrigerator?

Condenser coils are located on the back of the fridge or across the bottom. These coils cool and condense the refrigerant. When the coils are clogged with dirt and dust, they can’t efficiently release heat.

How do you clean a GE Neverclean condenser?

While it is not necessary for the performance of the refrigerator, if you want to clean dust, pet hair, etc. off the floor beneath the refrigerator, an appliance brush or vacuum with a hose attachment can be used. You can purchase an appliance brush set (PM from GE Appliance Parts.