How do I pair my Bose Soundlink wireless speaker?

How do I pair my Bose Soundlink wireless speaker?

Applies to:With the Bluetooth device and the SoundLink speaker both turned on, press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speaker for three seconds to make the speaker discoverable. In the Bluetooth settings on your device, search for your speaker. On your device in the Bluetooth list, select “Bose SoundLink”

Why is my Bluetooth not connecting to my Bose speaker?

Go to the Bluetooth menu in the device settings and remove your Bose product. Then, try connecting again. In the Bluetooth settings of the device, you should see a list of Bluetooth devices that have previously connected to the device. Locate your Bose product in the list and remove it.

Can Bose Soundlink connect to multiple devices?

When powered on, the speaker automatically connects to the two most recently connected devices (if they are in powered on and in range). When two devices are connected, you can play music from either device by pausing the first device, then playing from the second.

How do I connect my Bose Bluetooth speaker to my TV?

On your TV, navigate to Settings > Sound and then select Sound Output > Bluetooth Speaker List or Bluetooth Audio Device depending on your TV model. Select the Bluetooth audio device that you would like to connect to your TV and then select Pair and Connect. When the devices are done pairing, select OK.

How do I connect Bluetooth to my Bose Wave music system?

Press and hold down the Presets 5 button for 5 seconds. The indicator on the music adapter flashes steadily and DISCOVERABLE flashes on the Wave® system display panel. Turn on your phone, tablet computer, or other device and locate its Bluetooth device list. Scroll through the device list and select “Bose Adapter”.

Can I convert my Bose Wave to Bluetooth?

Just connect the adapter to your system, pair with your Bluetooth device and enjoy your music with rich Bose sound. Stores up to 6 Bluetooth devices in memory for instant recognition. No software, no network configuration necessary. Compatible with Wave music system III and Wave radio III.

Does my Bose Wave have Bluetooth?

The standard Wave Music System IV model does not have bluetooth built in, but is compatible with our separate Bluetooth Audio Adapter.

Can you connect wireless speakers to Bose Wave?

There is one way you can accomplish adding other wireless Bose speakers to your existing Wave radio. You can purchase the SoundTouch Wireless Link Adapter and connect it to your Aux input on the back.

Is Bose SoundLink compatible with SoundTouch?

The SoundTouch Wireless Link can be used to adapt older Bose products with at least one of the supported connection options, including many SoundLink, SoundDock, Lifestyle, Wave, CineMate and Companion products.

How do I pair my Bose Wave SoundTouch Bluetooth speaker?

Re: Bose Wave Sound Touch bluetooth not pairingPower on the system.Press the SoundTouch button on your remote control until ‘BLUETOOTH’ source is selected on the system display.Press and briefly hold (for around 1 second) the SoundTouch button until a pairing message appears.

Can I add speakers to my Bose SoundTouch?

If you already created a Bose SoundTouch account, you can add additional SoundTouch systems to your account. This lets you to play music on multiple systems, group systems and add speakers throughout your home.

Is Bose discontinuing SoundTouch?

We remain committed to support both the SoundTouch app and product software for the foreseeable future. …

How many Bose speakers can you pair?